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21-07-2006, 16:12
Hi drmers.

in this forum there are a handfull people that are addicted to DRM. My question to you all is:

- are you a hobbyist or a professional?
- if you are a professional, what is your job?
- why are you addicted to DRM?

If you like please answer this little questions - I guess this is interesting for us forum users :)

21-07-2006, 16:17
- are you a hobbyist or a professional?
I'm a hobbyist. A SWL in DARC (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club eV) since 2003 and I realy love to receive stations that a far far away from Bremen :D

- why are you addicted to DRM?
Because it fascinates me to receive a radio transmission from a station that is 12000km away and has a approximately cristal clear sound :D :D My personal distance record is Chile... :)

22-07-2006, 07:08
- are you a hobbyist or a professional?
I'm a hobbyist. I am a BCL since 1983 and a member of AIR - Associazione Italiana Radioascolto (the italian radiolisteners association).

- why are you addicted to DRM?
For try the future of the radio (on these years I have tried the TV DX, the FM DX, the short wave, the medium wave DX, the utilities, etc.)


23-07-2006, 00:04
I am a Ham operator and SWL. My undergraduate degree is Broadcasting and have worked in Radio, Music industry and Video and Film Production.

I guess during the dark days of the bottom of the Solar Cycle, I need something to energize me that "real radio" (ie. propagation) will return and it will be better than ever!

Here is to hoping SW has a future, and that the companies "making" DRM radios get them out to the public at reasonable prices.

I would say (at best) SWL will remain a tiny margin hobby. At worst, the Internet will eat us all and spit out a few of the tough, old codgers (Hams, CBers, SWLs, etc.)

Here is an open invitation to any of the manufacturers to offer free or discounted DRM receivers to those of us that have "done time" giving reports and testing the waters. You can't blame me for trying, right? ;)

24-07-2006, 20:55
Hi all,

I started to listen to SW-stations when I was 10 or 12 years old with a quite old radio equipped with tubes. Some years later CB-radio followed but within 1 year I obtained my HAM-radio licence. During my 30 years of activity as an radio amateur I continuously improved my equipment After having worked all DXCC-countries I paused some years with my shortwave activities until a DRM information day from the operators of Campus Radio. Within some days I modified my TS850 for DRM and learned to compile DREAM myself.
Trough my earlier SW-activities I own an excellent receiver (the TS850 (and meanwhile also a DRT1)), a 3 element HAM-yagi on a tower and I have many contacts to other HAMs which are still active. They gave me good hints for low band antennas resulting in an EWE-antenna in the garden.

Why do I like DRM? - Mostly from a technical background
I enjoy it to listen to stations from far away distances in (mostly) good quality without any electronic equipment between, I like to watch the different graphs in System Evaluation (Impulse Response, Waterfall), trying to interprete them and last but not least DRM offers an excellent tool to compare/test antennas. - In the attachment you can see turning my Ham-yagi from Chile to New Zealand (receiver tuned to RNZI on 13780) ........

An other reason why I like DRM: The logging possibilty and publishing the logs gives a good opportunity to compare propagations into the country, the continent or even around the world (i. e. RNZI to Japan, Europe or USA)

Bernd, DF9RB