View Full Version : How can I get started with DRM with my currently owned equipment?

01-06-2006, 23:49
Hello, I am a new person when it comes to DRM reception. What do I need
to get started with DRM reception on my currently owned portable radio equipment? I have a DX-398, DX-392 and also a YB-400 without DRM cause
I don't anywhere where to connect the decoding to my receivers? Can
somebody help me out with this I am new to this, and I only have 1 computer
in my room. Hoping that my father gets me a laptop for Christmas so I can
add somekind of way to make my radios respond to the DRM decoding onto
the laptop. :confused: I do appreciate this, and I hope DRM will last forever
in the future along with other modes of digital reception.

Adam E.

02-06-2006, 22:10

I have no experience of your particular receivers, but the basics are as follows;

find the the recvr's IF
down convert IF to 12khz
input 12khz signal to your pc's sound card
use DRM or DREAM software to decode


get downconverter from http://www.sat-schneider.de/DRM/DRM.htm

info for YB400 http://www.drmrx.org/receiver_mods.html

I trust this will help best of luck and have fun with the journey

Paul T

02-06-2006, 23:35
get downconverter from http://www.sat-schneider.de/DRM/DRM.htm

Look for a modification of your DX-398 which is really an ATS-909 manufactured by Sangean and just sold under another name, on this page (http://www.drmrx.org/receiver_mods.html). Although the file is written in German, the modification should be very clear. Look on ebay for a cheaper alternative to the simple downconverter mentioned above, and note that it does not necessarily have to be built into the receiver itself.