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10-05-2006, 11:02
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RadioScape introduces new multi-band single-chip RF front end
Introduced as the first software-controlled single-chip RF front end that can handle six frequency bands, a new RF IC has been introduced by RadioScape. The device handles Band III and L-Band for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), mediumwave, longwave and shortwave for AM and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), and Band II for FM. The RF chip combines with a standard DSP chip that runs RadioScape's baseband digital radio software and also controls the RF IC to form a two-chip solution, which dramatically reduces the power consumption and size of modules compared with current generation solutions, says the company.

"This new RF IC is a breakthrough technology for RadioScape that will revolutionise multi-standard, multi-band digital radio," said John Hall, RadioScape's CEO. "There is nothing like it in the market and is the result of a major initiative that we started over two years ago to create a technology platform for our next generation consumer radios. The objective was to create a highly flexible RF device that would complement our software-defined radio approach, timed to coincide with the emerging DRM market, and we have done that."

Until now, the only way to create a comparable multi-band digital radio was to create independent RF front ends for each of the different frequency bands - each consuming power and adding to the bulk of the product, says the company. Full details of the new RF IC-enhanced modules will be available shortly along with samples in June.

10-05-2006, 14:38
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