View Full Version : Beware of the ignorance of the sales people

03-05-2006, 23:35
Now that we are nearer than ever to the day when real DRM receivers will (hopefully) appear on the shelves of the shops, DRM will have to face another hurdle: the ignorance of the sales people.

In the US, HD radio (ex IBOC) faces a similar problem albeit less severe because there are already a few receivers (a few car car receivers, a table top model and at least one high-end receiver) available. Radio World online has an article about the situation in a number of US shops, here is the link http://www.rwonline.com/reference-room/iboc/2006.05.10-01_rw_hd_receiver_buy_3.shtml
The article is especially striking in the light of the fact that Ibiquity, the company behind HD radio, has already spent a huge amount of money on advertising, a lot more than has probably been spent on advertising DRM.

I wonder if the DRM consortium has already thought about how a similar scenario can be avoided with regard to DRM and if anyone is already in the process of preparing info material for the sales people to ease the introduction of DRM receivers? Will it all be left to the manufacturer(s)?

There is another problem: so far, sales people and customers will think they know what DRM is, namely a system protecting music files downloadable via the internet. This is the only DRM they have probably heard of so far, because they have already seen a lot of MP3 players and Ipods that come with such a 'feature'.

Anything in preparation to enlighten them?