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M Adams
19-04-2006, 10:47
There is a full schedule of regular and special broadcasts aimed at Las Vegas for NAB 2006 for a total of 40 hours a day from 5 different regions in the world. As it is rare to have so much on the air to Western USA and Canada reception reports are most welcome. If there is not a thread for your reception report then feel free to start one.

Many thanks,

Mike Adams, FEBC

1945-2030 daily 9800 268 NE USA 70 Vatican Radio English Sackville
2030-2057 daily 9800 268 NE USA 70 RNW English Sackville
2100-2200 daily 9800 268 NE USA 70 RCI English Sackville
2200-2230 daily 9800 268 NE USA 70 DW English Sackville
2230-2300 daily 9800 268 NE USA 70 Radio Sweden English Sackville

1900-2159 17-28 April 13740 285 West USA 70 Various Sackville
2200-2400 17-28 April 11830 285 West USA 70 Various Sackville
Note: 15 kbs QAM 16

1100-1200 daily 13750 300 N America 60 Radio Vatican various Santa Maria
2200-2300 daily 15195 320 N America 10 RNW English Bonaire
2257-0057 17-28 April 15195 320 N America 10 RNW English Bonaire

2200-0200 daily 11675 350 NE USA 120 Radio Kuwait Arabic Sulaibiyah

1300-1500 24-27 April 7255 West USA ABRS China
1500-1600 24-27 April 7255 West USA ABRS China

1600-0100 21-27 April 21500 Mexico/USA 15 CVC Spanish Santiago, Chile

1600-0300 18-28 April 15370 USA HCJB Quito, Ecuador

20-04-2006, 07:15
Hi all,

I received the attached "pdf". I thing it is something interesting about DRM at the bottom of the page in bold letters. (This is a copy of a portion of a big email)

20-04-2006, 15:16
Wow! This is truly AMAZING. DRM in North America!

(OK there has been the silly CBC daily on 9800 but it is not beamed to the American North West...HELLO Canada! Seattle is an important neighbor!... Sorry for the gripe, back to the post)

I've been copying the the Sackville 13740, then the 11675. Good signals and great to have NHK in the mix. Some co-channel interferer on 11675 though. Then on to RNW Bonaire in Stereo. WOW!

Lastnight HCJB in Stereo made the hair on my neck stand up! Chilling to hear Stereo music all the way from their famous site in Quito!

Well done you all! More gripes however. CBC settings are far too compressed. Bonaire is approaching what we'll need to compete with Satellite and IBOC. HCJB sounded GORGEOUS. I'm not big on Contemporary Christian Music, but I did enjoy hearing it in Stereo.

Where are the Journaline, pictures, text, etc. I have heard about in Europe?
I guess we are lucky to have audio.

All this to say, Even if DRM tanks completely, I can say I was listening when North America actually had a list of DRM signals to choose from. Now if we can just get all the d*&% hardware manufacturers to get some $100USD receivers out in the market. And I have heard nothing of "multistandard" including HD/IBOC. Get with it guys!

What is the ABRS China station listed to start over the weekend?

Thanks to those making all of this happen. At least a few of us in North America will get to enjoy it! Seems as if it is a missed press opportunity though.

Happy Listening,
-Fibber in the lost North West of the USA
(Salem, Oregon - CN84lv)

06-05-2006, 10:43
Noticed a good discussion about the NAB DRM transmissions on HCJB's DX
partyline programme of 28 April 2006.