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26-02-2006, 19:05
Just finished and uploaded the new version 3.0 of DRM Logger.

Changes and new features are:
- display and logging of fieldstrength with AOR7030, FRG100 and DWT
- Stop Log button to stop both log files before timer ends
- resized main form

Free download as usual here:

11-03-2006, 18:46
Just finished and uploaded the new version 3.1 of DRM Logger. Changes and new features are:

added support for SAT Schneider DRT1
added logging control for Dream >=1.6.2cvs Free download as usual here:

18-04-2006, 12:22
I like the features, but how can I solve the following:

when a timer becomes active, DRM-SWR 2.0.38 will pop up a window to enter a frequency (and perhaps the coordinates) and won't log until you manually enter these values and submit.
So no unmanned logging so far...

How can this been solved???

23-04-2006, 10:07
Hi Berhard,

you only need to put in your coordinates once. DRM Logger only opens the log dialog, fills in the frequency and starts the log. If you get only an open dialog, the log was already running before. First start DRM SWR and then The Logger. activate your timer and make sure that there are no timer conflicts. And keep in mind the freq time offset, that the receiver changes the frequency a few secvonds before the log begins, because the software need up to 30 seconds to decode a DRM signal correctly.

Freq offset should be 35 sec.

Starttime1 : 10:01:00
endtime1 : 11:00:05

Starttime2 : 11:01:00
Endtime2: 13:00:05

for example.

Do not start the log at 10:00:00 if the transmission starts at 10:00 UTC, start it 1 minute later to get proper results.

Hope that these hints may help you.

26-04-2006, 06:46
including field strength.
thank you, Carsten!

example 1 (http://www.drmrx.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=20451&d=1146033479)
example 2 (http://www.drmrx.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=20452&stc=1&d=1146033702)
example 3 (http://www.drmrx.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=20453&stc=1&d=1146033905)

09-05-2006, 16:36
There is a new version 3.2 that fixes a bug in the Elektor RX control. Thanks to John for reporting this bug.

Free download as usual here:

29-10-2006, 10:01
The brand new version 3.3 of DRM Logger is ready to download. It comes with a new option for daily logging.

Remember, DRM Logger can do fully automatic logging with DRM Software Radio und Dream >=1.6.2cvs. And if you have a supported receiver, DRM Logger also changes the frequency. And with some receivers, it also logs the fieldstregth. The perfect tool for regular monitoring of DRM transmissions.

Free download as usual here:

02-11-2006, 11:56
Hi Carsten many thanks to you and the development team for this latest version, we are finding it very useful! No bugs to report. the software seems to work perfectly controling a ICOM PCR 1000.
James, VT Communications

Alan Johnson
09-11-2006, 18:27
Is anyone running a G303i with DRMlogger? DRMlogger doesn't tune the receiver to the selected frequency when the timer activates. I tried running the program both with the DRM demodulator in the radio as well as running DRM SWR separately.

Thanks for any help,
Alan Johnson

14-07-2008, 13:22
DRMDisco possue conecção CI-V para meu rádio ICOM 725. Fiz alguns testes e consigo selecionar frequencia remotamente pelo computador.
Mas eu gostaria utilizar o DRMLooger para selecionar as frequencias automaticamente e não estou conseguindo. Esta opção CI-V porta 28H não existe na versão 3.3. Alguém pode dar uma dica de como fazer funcionar esta configuração ou se já existe alguma nova versão do DRMLogger?
Por favor e-mail: "ataliba@turismocatarinense.tur.br"

Translation portuguese - english by "Google"

DRMDisco has connection CI-V to my radio ICOM 725. I did some tests and can select frequency remotely by computer.
But I use the DRMLooger to select the frequency automatically and I am not getting. This option CI-V port 28H does not exist in version 3.3. Someone may give a hint of how to operate this setting or if there is already a new version of DRMLogger?
Please e-mail: "ataliba@turismocatarinense.tur.br"