View Full Version : Ofcom email about DRM on MW

04-02-2006, 01:06
Our current position on DRM, which has been outlined in parts one and two of the Radio Review published by Ofcom in the past few months, is that we very much welcome the advent of DRM, and we have said that it could possibly provide a future digital migration solution for community or small-scale stations currently broadcasting on AM and FM, for whom DAB multiplexes may be inappropriate.

Because of the possible future use of medium wave spectrum for DRM, it has been decided - after consultation - not to advertise any more commercial radio licences on AM, in order to ensure that there is free spectrum available for DRM trials.

We will be looking more closely at the potential for DRM later this year, and we are also monitoring carefully the developments elsewhere in Europe and the availability of DRM receivers.

I hope this information updates you with regard to our current position.


Jon Heasman