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10-11-2005, 11:55
Hello everybody,
today I've a different kind of report for you. Written Nov 8, 2005

Premiere #1: Portable operation of a modified DE 1102
Premiere #2: DRM receiption test in an airplane

Record #1: DRM receiption at an altitude not less than 7,000 m (21,000 ft)
Record #2: DRM receiption at 700 km/h (435 mph)

Today I travelled from Berlin to Stuttgart and back to Berlin.
The flight was planned a while ago, so I put a little more pressure
on the modification of my DE 1102 and finished it yesterday evening.
(report follows)

The security check at the airport didn't cause problems.
Didn't even need to unpack the nugget.

Outward flight: DE1102 jeopardises air traffic

On the flight to Stuttgart I had an aisle seat, unfortunately.
Nevertheless, I took out my DE 1102 and the computer and started the experiment.

Medium waves didn't work at all. Even for RTL and B5 on 6095 kHz and 6085 kHz, respectively, no signal could be observed.

After trying very hard, I got Deutsche Welle at 15440 kHz, for a very
short time.

Just when I was in deepest testing, a steward came by and asked if this is a radio.
Sure! I'd have to turn it off, it's not permitted.

On my question, what would be so dangerous with it, the stewardess standing aside him said, downright: "the batteries".

After ROTFL I decided to be nice and packed the radio away, of course not without taking a photo, .


Return flight: started poorly, but then ...

On the flight back I've learned my lesson and took a window seat.
The middle seat was free, so I had enough room for expansive action.

At the beginning I put the DE1102 onto the armrest under my arm (as
Again, no succes on the 49 meters band.

At 3995 kHz I could receive Deutsche Welle with label, after all (no picture, sorry).

Then I tried mediumwave again.

This time, the use of the DE 1102 was not objected, so I got bolder and held the receiver to the window.

On 1296 I immediately got a signal, including label, after a short time even with audio.



What a pleasure. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn on the logfile button in Dream, so I have only a short piece from the end.

Software Version 1.3cvs
Starttime (UTC) 2005-11-08 18:40:16
Frequency 1296 kHz
Label BBCWorld Service
Bitrate 21.60 kbps
Mode A
Bandwidth 10 kHz

0000 12 122 0/10 0
0001 13 84 183/10 0
0002 18 150 1450/10 0
0003 18 150 1510/10 0

SNR min: 0.8, max: 19.9


OK, we are heading Berlin, so I've selected 855 kHz.


Here I had immediate success, too. At the beginning, the signal was rather weak, but then I had a continuous stable signal and audio.
Again, only a photo and a screenshot.

Don't know why Dream didn't write a log file, the button was on.



Then the short flight was over, much too soon.
Anyway, first time DRM in an airplane!

It was an interesting experience. I'll repeat it at the next occasion, and then I'll be prepared better.

Greetings, Rainer

10-11-2005, 14:10
Good work! Most airlines are sticky about using receivers onboard.

Have you published your DE1102 mods?

10-11-2005, 19:04
The description is in preparation.

I will communicate when it is finished.

Many greetings Rainer

17-11-2005, 12:27

here http://www.funkerberg.de/drm/mod/index.htm is my report to the DRM Mod of the DE1102, presently still into German, English follows.

Is not yet completely finished (evaluation receipt is missing), but the principle becomes clear.

This time I built the report somewhat differently. More (photo) documentation. It would make me happy if or others time writes whether is so comprehensible.

Many greetings Rainer