View Full Version : DRM-Modification Yaesu FT-890

04-11-2005, 16:34
The modification of the Yaesu FT-890 for DRM with the mininatur mixer from www.sat-schneider.de is very easy and can be done within two hours.

1. Disclaimer: modifying your transceiver at your own risk !!

2. Remove the lower cover from the transceiver.

3. Locate D2040 close to the CW-Filter, at its cathode you can take the 455kHz IF

4. Locate J2011 Pin13 to get the 8V @ RX, the power for the mixer unit

5. Locate J2028 for the 12kHz outlet

6. but you have to remove the RF-Unit first to solder your
connections on the "chip-only" side, don't forget the ground

7. DO NOT forget to cut the 13.5V from J2028 !!!!

8. fix the rf-unit, make your connections to the mixer unit and fix it carefully at a suitable location

9. connect J2028 to your soundcard, start your DRM-Software and set the output level at the mixer unit

10. close the cover and enjoy DRM

Attached you will find a small help, good luck !!!


04-11-2005, 16:36
here it is ....

04-11-2005, 16:46
..... on request I can mail the description in .pdf, better quality than the .jpg on #2