View Full Version : Solar Data file file for phones

29-10-2005, 09:43
Some of us use the information from NOAA, code given by n3kl.org in our web pages.
This kind of handy information about propagation conditions would, of course, be very useful in the coming elite of the innovative stand-alone radios (hopefully there will be such ones one day). - Anyway, I made a little web page for PDAs and mobile phones that offers just the plain space weather symbols by n3kl.org, and has no additional stuff. If you listen to DRM, e.g. when travelling, and have then no change to use the Internet to see the propagation conditions, but have an access to wap services, then following small wap page could be useful:


I found no such service anywhere, but I guess it should exist. Maybe some other drm listener could find some use for it occasionally.