View Full Version : Sony ICF 2001 ?

07-10-2005, 21:55
Is this radio able to be converted ?

Kjell Holen
09-10-2005, 17:53
Yes it is. I did it some time ago, The radio do not like strong signal and you may need to reduse the signal by changing the gain to get max SNR.
73 Kjell

Richard Beales
09-10-2005, 19:25

Sorry, I didn't notice the missing 'D' :-)


09-10-2005, 20:09
Btw I am talking about the 2001 here not the newer 2001D with airband

Can the board fit insidfe the Sony ? Any mods needed to inputs etc ?

Does it affect nornal reception in any way ?

Where is the best place to buy the board ?

10-10-2005, 15:31

The problem with ICF-2001 radio is the narrow bandwidth. DRM needs at least 10 kHz band. I think that ICF-2001 has only 6 kHz wide ceramic 10.7 MHz second IF filter. If you change the IF filter (CF2) to a 10 - 15 kHz wide filter then you can use the radio for DRM reception.

ICF 2001D/2010 is very easy to modify for DRM as it has 455 kHz second IF with two ceramic 12 kHz/ 6kHz wide filters.


Kjell Holen
10-10-2005, 18:26
It was the 2001D that I modified. Did it only for as a test and did not add any if filter. Not sure I would recomend it as main DRM rec.