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06-09-2005, 22:09
According to this report from ukradio.com, within a year, so much for an xmas launch or is the report out of date perhaps ?

Dual Digital Radio's at IFA

Multiple companies attending IFA in Berlin demonstrated product prototypes
developed around TI's
DRM350 digital baseband and RadioScape's RS500 module.

Continuing to accelerate DRM's rollout, TI and RadioScape will enable
products from consumer brands to appear on store shelves within the year

Gerry Thorn, Product Director, at Roberts Radio says:

"The RS500 module from RadioScape using TI's DRM350 has enabled us to
develop working DRM/DAB receiver prototypes in less than three
months. TI and RadioScape continue to provide the innovations we
need, allowing us to focus on key product features, creating new
markets for digital radio and enhancing the user listening

TI's DRM350 enables developers to create cost-effective dual
DRM/DAB-based devices with a single chip and easily implement
enhanced features on the integrated programmable DSP, such as digital
content playback of MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) files.
RadioScape's RS500 module, a complete DRM solution, is based on TI's
DRM350 and includes all of the hardware and software necessary to
support any combination of DRM, DAB, FM-RDS and AM. Cutting down
significantly on the development time and resources needed from
manufacturers to develop multi-standard receivers, applications
include table-top radios, CD boom boxes, micro hi-fis and tuners.

"DRM radios will soon be available in mass-market quantities at
affordable consumer prices, and the co-operation between TI,
RadioScape and ourselves has played a crucial role in enabling
manufacturers to design them in such a short time," said Gerhard
Zeiler, CEO of RTL Group. "We are very committed to DRM and will
actively work to encourage a rapid take up of this technology."

13-09-2005, 07:28
i was talking yesterday at the Radioscape stand at the IBC in Amsterdam and they said that the first DRM/DAB will be on the store for December 2005 but more realistic in the first month of the 2006..

Wishes, Andrea