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27-07-2005, 18:29
Hi all DRMrs

Thisr eceiver seem more or less like the TEN TEC, but the characteristics are very nice. you can see this new receiver in WIMO trought this link:


From WIMO I copy this: This receiver is a triple conversion superhet, in the first IF stage (70MHz) a 10kHz crystal roofing filter is used, in second IF at 455kHz a 4kHz ceramic filter. Seven automatically selected preselector bandfilters add to the excellent figures of 90dB blocking dynamic range and +15dBm IP3. The final IF stage of 12kHz is processed by the soundcard of the computer. Here DSP filters from 250Hz to 10kHz can be selected.
The frequency range of the FDM77 covers 10kHz to 65MHz. Two antenna connectors are available, one 50 PL connector and a BNC connector for active antennas. Supported modes are USB/LSB, AM, FM, CW and DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale).

best regards from CT4RK

28-07-2005, 10:08
Some information about this receiver was already posted some time ago, look here:

I saw this receiver at HAM Radio Friedrichshafen about a month ago, but then, the attempts to decode audio on a Sines transmission on 15545 kHz inside the exhibition hall which, I think, has a metal roof, were unsuccessful.

There is a DRM decoding module available for it (using the Fraunhofer/Coding Technologies library).

The receiver was on sale for 560 EUR, much less than the price now shown on the website of the german importer. I took the attached picture.


28-07-2005, 10:18
And here is proof of the price asked for the receiver but I think that one might perhaps have been able to still negotiate it down a bit.