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21-07-2005, 17:44
Iran launches digital radio

Text of report by Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) web site

The first phase of test broadcast of digital radio has started on the AM
(DRM) band on the 1350 kHz frequency.

The two-hour-long test broadcast is transmitted from a transmitter in
Tehran from 1000 to 1200 hours [local time] everyday.

The deputy director for project and development [at the Iranian radio-TV
organization] told ISNA: This programme could be received on standard
digital receivers. He said that the project has reached its objectives.

In the next phases of this project, all of the analog transmitters
currently in use will be digital-enabled. The Iranian radio-TV
organization is to decide on the time for the official launch of digital
radio across Iran.

Source: ISNA web site, Tehran, in Persian 0600 gmt 20 Jul 05